Construction and renovation for hospitals, medical centres, and general practices need to be handled differently  considering their sensitive nature, and Bedrock Property Solutions are well experienced in precise delivery for the  healthcare industry. 

We work to minimise the effect of construction works on patients and staff while delivering an  effective product for optimal working conditions. We are beyond capable and experienced in civil works, structural  works, all aspects of commercial construction, formwork, concrete, and steel works providing a holistic approach to  your construction needs for total efficiency. We can provide construction on:

  • Community hospitals
  • Surgical facilities
  • Outpatient care centers
  • Medical office buildings

We take the utmost care in minimising any construction impacts on all parties; patients, personnel, visitors, and  owners, as well as all medical systems. By creating a safe workplace, we ensure that everyone involved remains  healthy and injury-free. Our employees and clients and their safety is always our priority. Safety is never compromised under any circumstance.



Bedrock Property Solutions utilises its experience to deliver services that customers return for and that has been the base of our growth.Clients acknowledging that we understand what it is they require and providing this service on time and within budget.

At Bedrock Property Solutions, we pride ourselves on our software this is the beginning of our process and drives our systematic approach to completing any task for our clients. With real time reporting and live channel feed you can watch your project grow.


Software that provides real time reporting and live channel feed this has been a driving motivation for our delivery team to provide a customised solution to our clients.

Experienced Professionals

All professionals in the organization come from a property or trade services background that have at least ten years experience in the construction or property industry.

Local Experience

Forty five years experience in the facility management industry and 70 years combined construction experience within the team provides the foundation to our early success