Bedrock Property Solutions can help refine your industrial design concept or provide complete  architectural guidance if starting from scratch. Our expert team will work with you to ensure all needs  are met functionally so that your project result is perfect, and executed efficiently.

Fit-outs and  renovations are our specialty, and we always deliver on time, within budget, never compromising the  quality.

Our maintenance solutions for industrial properties will  cover all needs, and we work to prevent any future issues that may arise to secure the longevity and value of your property.



Bedrock Property Solutions utilises its experience to deliver services that customers return for and that has been the base of our growth.Clients acknowledging that we understand what it is they require and providing this service on time and within budget.

At Bedrock Property Solutions, we pride ourselves on our software this is the beginning of our process and drives our systematic approach to completing any task for our clients. With real time reporting and live channel feed you can watch your project grow.


Software that provides real time reporting and live channel feed this has been a driving motivation for our delivery team to provide a customised solution to our clients.

Experienced Professionals

All professionals in the organization come from a property or trade services background that have at least ten years experience in the construction or property industry.

Local Experience

Forty five years experience in the facility management industry and 70 years combined construction experience within the team provides the foundation to our early success